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Love is a divine feeling. Love is not for ordinary people who suspect a motive everywhere. Love is not for moneymakers who want to look for an opportunity everywhere. Love is not for those who are looking for a body. Love is for those who are searching for a soul that will give them heavenly joy. Love is for those who want to talk in silence. Love is for dreamers. Love is for losers, because they lose themselves in love. Love is for one who forgets the world in love. Love is a supreme feeling.

Being in Love is like being heaven. And I disagree with the point that Love can be made only once in a life and rest of the relationships are the purpose of need. No, love means spreading feelings. We can fall in love more than once even with the same person!! Love is way to know more and more in depth about the the person we love. Each day sun rises and tells us new stories about love by making us fall in love. There is even possibility that we can be in love with two different persons at the same time!! Sort of hard to understand this, but as I said that love can not be expressed in form of words, it’s a matter of feeling so might seem tough to understand to be fallen in love with more than one person at the same time, but in the coming time, you might find yourself in such condition and I don’t call it bizzare, it’s just normal.

We hear about many break-ups and separations. What happened to the love that brought the couple together in the beginning? How can ex lovers talk of revenge? In love, there is no revenge. If your beloved stabs you in the back, you will not ask for revenge, because you loved and you still love. As I have yet to talk to someone who stabbed the beloved, I do not know about his or her thinking, but it must be that of – how could I do this? Or may be they are so evil that they applaud themselves for their backstabbing!

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Birthday wishes pic for love

Happy Birthday Love Wishes Pic Great
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Birthday love wishes pics
happy Birthday love wishes pics

Birthday Love Wishes Pic Great to Share
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As long as you are trying to get love from others and avoid pain with your addictions, your heart is closed and you cannot feel the love that is always here for you. Only when you shift your intention from getting love and avoiding pain, to loving yourself and sharing your love with others, will you stop feeling so empty, alone and lonely. Only when you stop making people, things, activities and substances your source and turn to Spirit as your Source will you feel the fullness of love within.

Happy Birthday Love Wishes Pic Great to Share

The key to this shift is to stop making others and addictions responsible for your feelings and decide to take full, 100% responsibility for your own feelings of joy and wellbeing. When your intent shifts to learning about taking loving action for yourself, you will learn how to fill yourself with love from your Source and share that love with others.

Sharing love is totally different that giving to get love. Sharing love comes from a full place within, a place that does not need anything back from another person. When we learn to take loving action in our own behalf, we get so filled with love that it just overflows. When this is the case, we receive great joy in sharing our love. We no longer try to be the source of love for others, nor do we make others our source of love.

Love can happen anytime, anywhere. You might be walking in the earny cold morning on the sea-side and you see a woman from the distance that you can’t see her face, but you see the entity which may attract you and you may fall in love in less than a second even without your knowledge!! Like wise, you might be sick and tired of work at your office and going back to your home feeling damn lazyness within yourself and when the whole words seems without beauty to you, and if at that time a beautiful smile from an unknown person may make you fall in love!!
Sometimes life might seem short to fall in love!!

Despite all I read about relationships, break-ups, marriages and divorces, when I look at a couple in honest love I see a divine sight. I forget all my worries for the moment. for I am watching what God created, but we polluted. I watch love, a very innocent love and I love that. Please fall in love and express it with your body and soul. Naturally. No books, no articles and no guides. Let your love flow, and your sweetheart will understand. That is love. Enjoy the bliss of love.

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