Awesome April Fools day Ideas and Pranks to Play on friends Parents and Kids Messages and Images

Best April Fools day Wishes

April Fools day = All fools day….. Be careful on this day. Don’t get deceived by the pranks played on you. Instead, try yourself. We give a few ideas to play pranks on your friends and family. Even you can enjoy this day at your office.

Best April Fools day Wishes

Two best April Fool Ideas and Pranks to Play at Kids:

April Fool Idea 1:

Try out this.  Add dry yeast to a box of pancake mix. Now call your kid to help you to make breakfast.  The pancakes will keep growing and growing!!!!!! 

Awesome April Fools day Messages

April Fool Idea 2:

You can do this on the kids and even on young people. Set various alarms and timers throughout the house so one goes off every few minutes.  The children will have fun running around the house and trying to figure out where all of the beeping is coming from. J Do not reveal the secret. Just enjoy it for a few minutes

Awesome April Fools day Messages

April Fool Idea 3:

You can prepare ice cream with smashed potatoes and sere them to your friends. Boil potatoes and smash them. Use a scoop to take it out and stuff it in an ice cream cup.

Awesome April Fools day Wishes

 April Fool Idea 4:

We tell you a easy idea which you can play on your friends, children and even on your colleagues. You can stuff Oreo biscuits with tooth paste. You can give this to your kids and make then April fool.

 Awesome April Fools day Messages


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