Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts & Ideas for Husband Wife Parents on 1st Second to Fiftieth Marriage Day Presents for HIM & HER

Hello Readers. Today i present you Wedding Anniversary Gift ideas for you. 

  gifts for wedding anniversary

1st First Wedding Anniversary Gifts:

Best Wife Certificate: 🙂 

Best Husband Certificate:

“Make him a “best husband” certificate. When he asks you why, just say ‘because you are‘. Frame it and hang it in your bedroom.” 

Same with the Wife. 

Second Wedding Anniversary Gifts: 😀

 Electronic Gadgets:

60th wedding anniversary cards

Gadgets are loved and used by every second individual, be it guys or gals. And if your sister is a gadget freak, picking the latest product and presenting it to your love would be the best rakhi gift. You can choose from laptop, iPod, mobile phone, Netbook, iPad and so on. Make sure you select one that she had been longing to own since a long time or one that will be favored by her.

Third Wedding Anniversary Gifts:

Leather Wallet

leather wedding anniversary gifts

For the third anniversary, leather is a traditional gift. Give your husband/wife a new leather wallet.  Let your partner carry your love everywhere she roam! Gift her with a beautiful bag for and make the day unforgettable for the whole life. Beaded bags and wallets with lots of mirror work will surely show some magical effects.

Fourth Wedding Anniversary Gifts:


tenth wedding anniversary gifts

Perfumes and deodorants are any time welcomed and cherished by all. You can gift cologne from a good brand and with a sweet fragrance to your girl. Stroll through branded stores for a good selection as they offer unique and popular fragrances. If you are searching for the best  gift for your sister then fragrant perfumes and body sprays are the best option. Such gifts never go out of fashion and they are likable by all age group. But don’t forget to keep her choice into consideration. Some people like very strong odor and others settled down for light. Feel her fantastic and special with your gift.

 Fifth Wedding Anniversary Gifts:

Prayer Book

Prayer. It is important to help your partner cultivate his/her prayer life. This would be a great way to encourage him to pray. It has short, one-minute guided prayers going over a wide variety of topics.

His and Her Key Chains

This split heart key chain is a very affordable anniversary gift idea. It can be engraved with any name. 

Sixth Wedding Anniversary Gifts:


presents for first wedding anniversary

Women are very much fond of jewelries, no matter how old she is. So, on this special day, surprise her with a set of stunning jewelry that will enhance her personality. Don’t think for twice in choosing beautiful jewelry item for your dearest dear. Presenting the antique jewelry is also a good idea to fascinate your sister on this day. Bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants, chains etc. can add on your list of gift. If your pocket is pulling you down, then it is better to go by artificial jewelry. It is not the price tag which values but the emotions and sentiments of the giver which weigh the most. Girls are fond of jewelry and they love to accessorize themselves with different designs and colors. Adding some more sets to their large collection is, anytime, admired by a girl. You can present your love with bangles, earrings, neck pieces, rings, bracelets, and anklets. Do so if she is funky jewelry lover. However, is she prefers to stick to the sophisticated side, you can pick some classy gold or silver jewelry.

  7th Wedding Anniversary Gift:

Wine and Cheese Gift Basket:

Send the happy couple a wine and cheese gift basket to enjoy together. The Sterling Vintner’s Collection gift basket is available from Wine County Gift Baskets for $75. It includes three fine wines.

Eighth Wedding Anniversary Gifts:

Characters Personalized Couple Mugs:
The lovely couple can enjoy their Coffee or Tea in style with these unique Characters 

 Tenth Wedding Anniversary Gifts:

Gallery Frame Set

Picture frames are a great choice for an anniversary gift, no matter how long the couple has been married. This hall gallery frame set includes frames in various sizes to put pictures of family and friends on display. 

Twenty Fifth Wedding Anniversary Gifts:

Create Your Own Wedding Card:

This wedding card is very special remembering all the special days in your lives.

Copper Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary Gifts:

Create Your Own Storybook:

You can always count on The Dating Divas for fabulous gift ideas for your hubby! Most of my favorite ideas come from this group of creative ladies.

Gold Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts & Ideas for Husband Wife Parents on 1st Second to Fiftieth Marriage Day Presents for HIM & HER

Wedding Anniversary Gifts for HER:


Chocolate Baskets2nd year wedding anniversary gift ideas

Beauty Products:

 Hair dryer, hair straightener, and curl iron.

beauty package or spa massage package.

Love Band

Heart Shaped Locket

Home Decor Items

Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Beauty products are anytime loved and craved by girls. Besides being admired, any beauty product will be very handy and useful. You can choose from shampoos, conditioners, hair dryer, hair straightener, and curl iron. However, in the recent times, visiting spas and parlors have become frequent. You can gift your love with a beauty package or spa massage package.


Wedding Anniversary Gifts for HIM:

Nice Suit


shirt and trousers

Greeting Cards

Great Wine 

Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts & Ideas for Husband Wife Parents on 1st Second to Fiftieth Marriage Day Presents for HIM & HER



Leather Belt


Leather Wedding Anniversary Gifts

People fantasize chocolates to the same level. With numerous chocolate brands available in the market, you can gift these sweet treats to your dear sister any time. While you can stick to gifting individual chocolate packs, there are chocolate hampers and baskets also sold during festive time. An assortment of chocolates, including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, bitter chocolate, chocolate pretzels, chocolate covered cookies, chocolate covered berries, and chocolate covered nuts, can be gifted in the form of baskets or hampers.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents:



Decorative items

table linen

pillow shams


candle holders,

photo frames

hanging bells 

Couple Watches

Hand Sticks

wedding cake

Plan a dinner at a special Place with your parents

Soft toys 

Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Husband & Wife:

An anniversary journal to record your memories of your anniversaries throughout your marriage. You may think that you will never forget how you celebrated your anniversaries, but the chances are you will! Write down how you spent your anniversary together and what gifts you gave to one another.
Purchase a framed share of stock in a major company that has meaning to the both of you


Magazine subscription.
Jigsaw puzzle.
Paper weight.
Art print.
Sheet music.
Road map describing a trip to take together.
Egg timer.
Kitchen timer.
Wrist watch.
Outdoor sundial.

sporty watches, luxury watches, chain watches, leather strap watches, and waterproof watches.

 Bags & Wallets:


Personalized Wedding Anniversary Gifts:

Love Bands

Plan a moon light Dinner

Plan a Holiday


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