Birthday Quotes For Son {20 Parent Blessings Of MOM & DAD}

Hello friends. Here are awesome wishes greetings and Birthday Quotes For Son {20 Parent Blessings Of MOM & DAD} with lots of love to share on his special day of birth.

Birthday Quotes For Son

The most precious memories and the happiest moments of my life revolve around the smiles and laughs of just one person – my son. Happy birthday.

Sons like you should be called Suns because you are literally the bright daylight in our lives. Happy birthday.

On your birthday we wish you nothing but luck and happiness. We hope you fulfill all your dreams and surge ahead in the direction of success. Happy birthday son.

Birthday Quotes For Son

We are old school, so we will hug you on your birthday instead of pressing the like button on your Facebook and we will sing you Happy Birthday instead of tagging you in tweets on Twitter. Happy birthday son.

Bringing birthday wishes for the apple of my eye. You are the greatest gift of my life. My precious son, I love you immensely. Happy birthday, dear boy!

I wanted to give you a present which was as sweet as you. I am sorry but I could not find any. Just kidding. You will love your gift. Happy Birthday.

Every year you grow older and I grow prouder of such a awesome son. You are the miracle of my life. I love you, birthday wishes for son.

I cannot find the exact words to tell you that we are so proud of what you have become through the years! Happy greetings to you on your birthday, my darling son!

No cheesy lines, No stupid vines. On your birthday, a heartfelt Thank you, for being just mine. Happy Birthday Son.

Birthday Quotes For Son {20 Parent Blessings Of MOM & DAD}

My baby boy is a whole year older! We’re so excited to watch you grow!

A special message from mom and dad: We are so thankful that God gave us a boy like you. We love you!

I am glad to have a son who shines even brighter than the sun. Here is a little ‘Happy Birthday’ from his mother.

Best wishes, dear one, for a wonderful day and healthy year!

May you reach the sky, and put the sun to shame. May you touch the stars, achieve all the fame. But always remember your mother and father, who helped you reach wherever you are. Happy Birthday.

Son Birthday Quotes
Each year on your birthday son, I think of the moment I first heard your cry. It was the most beautiful sound my ears have ever heard.

A cake, a party and gifts are just a small thank you for happiness you brought me when you entered my life.

Even though you have grown older, you are still our baby, the most tender of God’s gifts. Happy birthday, my boy!

One day son, you will be a father too. Only then will you realize how much I love you. Happy birthday, kiddo!

Whenever you face life’s storms, just remember our hugs that were warm. Whenever you face difficulty, just think about the love of your family. Whenever you face hurdles, look back at your childhood, so special. Whenever you feel lonely, just think of mommy and daddy. We love you, happy birthday son.

Birthday Quotes For Son from parents

The sitcom of our life became a blockbuster hit after you came in a supporting role and later took over as the lead. Happy birthday sonny.

We knew that our message would be lost among the heaps of birthday wishes you would get on Facebook. So here’s a plain old reliable handmade card from your plain old and reliable parents. Happy birthday.

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