Birthday Wishes For Unblood Sister & Unblood Brother


I had always had a dream of having a sister who can be a sister as well as a friend of mine, with whom I can share my personal likes, dislikes and share my thoughts.  I was pretty upset about the fact that God did not fulfill my wish till the date I met you.  You have been a God’s gift to me and your presence simply makes my life happier and better going than ever.  You have always been there when I had no one to share my burden of thoughts.  You and only you were like a resting shoulder for me.

Today is your birthday and from the core of my heart, I pray to God that you have the courage and the strength to all that you ask from life.  May all your wishes, your dreams, your requirements get fulfilled.  People like you deserve much more than love and best wishes.  I pray that may this day of your birthday be something very very special and the most enjoyable day in your life.  Today I would like to tell you that your presence means a lot to me.  I sometimes even forget that you are my Unblood sister, but I don’t want to remember also.  My life would have been so empty without your presence and especially your thoughtful and great solutions for all my problems.

My family and I have always been so lucky to have you associated with us and this birthday of yours is something very special for every one of us too.  I truly feel lucky to be a part of your life and cannot ask for more from God.

May the great almighty keep you healthy and strong and give you the courage to battle all odds.


How can I forget the day we first met?  I still remember the day as it is one of the best days of my life.  I personally felt very sad when I think of being the only son of my parents and that no one was there to be with me as a brother.  However, it was by God grace that I met you and since then life has completely changed for me.  Today I take the opportunity to say you that you being my unblood brother have never left me alone and for me, you are more than a brother, a guide, a philosopher in my life.  I wish you a very very happy birthday and may God fulfill all your wishes and may you prosper in every sphere of your life.

You have always been a constant source of inspiration to me and this Birthday I pray to God that may his blessing be always there with you and all your wishes come true.  You have always been very gentle and a kindhearted person to me and to others.  God has given this excellent gift of kindness, loving and caring nature of yours which I am really proud of.  I always ask God for a brother like you and he has truly made my wish come true.

This birthday I ask God for a lovely life ahead for you and may your good deeds help humanity in every possible way it could.  I myself always felt that being a truly soft-spoken individual you do also have the capability of taking care for others who are in need.  This good deed must always remain with you and best wishes may pave your way forward.

Many happy returns of the day.  Stay blessed and happy.

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