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Happy New Year Celebrations all over the world

The very thought of a new year brings euphoria to all of us. This is celebrated with pomp and pride by people all over the world. Eating, drinking and gifts wow! What could be a better way than this to celebrate a new year? With the new year merriment round the corner, let our hearts be filled with blossoms of goodness the future has in store for us!

The new year should be welcomed with exuberance and good thoughts. The people celebrate in a variety of ways which would indicate the arrival of luck and prosperity to them. Won’t it be exciting to know the people of the United kingdom visit their neighbours with a loaf of bread, some champagne and coal? If a tall and dark man goes to greet his neighbour with these things his neighbours will give him a tight loving hug and welcome him with open arms. The people in the US hang a ball on the top of the times square to mark the beginning of this festivity.

The Chinese believe that beating of drums would help them to keep the evil away. Visiting the relatives and gifting them with money would enlighten the spirits of the near and dear ones.If the money is gifted in a red envelope it symbolizes wealth and good luck. The Japanese people visit temples to purify their minds and get blessings from God.

In India we burst crackers, throw grand parties and eat a sumptuous meal to share the happiness with our loved ones. Countdown in the parties or churches mark the way we celebrate the new year. Then what about new year gifts? We wear new trendy attires to be happy. Elderly people will give presents like money, which the young youngs can save in their piggy banks. Friends exchange small gifts and some greeting cards to cherish the happiness.

Different varieties of sweets either home made by our lovely mums and wives or bought from the shops can add to our happiness. It would be a brilliant idea for the husbands to buy gold or even diamonds for their beloved wives would nourish the concealed love to grow healthy and better!

The best thing which people across the world would do to celebrate the coming of the new year is to take new year resolutions. It is a Babylonian traditional way to celebrate a new year. It is certainly one of the good ways of reforming oneself and to start living a more disciplined life. If you also have pending resolutions to fulfil or want to start doing better things in life please try this out!

In short, whichever country one belongs to,the way to receive a new year is almost similar. Eat,drink and be merry is the philosophy which guides people across the globe. You can also eat good luck food like doughnuts just like the Dutch or black eyed peas and pork like the US people to celebrate this new year. What? Want to celebrate it in a traditional way ! Then eat rice and enjoy!!

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