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Good Bye 2020

Giving adieu to 2020 has never been easy a task especially with the emotional and mental attachment that we all had with it.  We as a civilized being witnessed some of the most memorable and amazing happenings in this year starting in the field of politics, sports, economics, socio-economics, and other fields as well.  Some of them were quite relieving while other gave pain, frustration, and trauma that brought tears to our eyes.  There were events that took place and shook the whole world with a stunner whereas some failed miserably.  On a larger prospect, we can easily say that 2020 till date had its share of good and bad luck and should go down to our memory lane as a year that made us laugh, cry, made us thoughtful and emotional.

The year began with Turkey led by its President along with shutdown of the federal government in the United States of America.  China this year did remarkably well in the field of science when it presented to the whole world first monkey clones by using the somatic cell nuclear transfer process.  Supermoon was another event that will always remain in our memory as well.  Winter Olympics was another event that we are still in remembrance as our country did remarkably well and gave us something to cheer about.  On a political backdrop, this year was very special for the nation of Africa as well.  It witnessed the resignation of Mr. Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma as a President of South Africa after nine years of his reign.  This year witnessed the U.S. President intended to withdraw its Nation from the Iranian nuclear agreement which took the world by storm.  In the field of tech, Apple Inc. achieves a market capitalization of $1 trillion whereas on the other hand heavy rainfall caused severe floods in the Kerala, India that took thousands and innocent life in just a few days.

Indian as a nation too had its ups and downs in this year as well.  The year 2020 had a foggy start when Delhi witnessed the worst fog of the season with visibility dropping to zero and stagnating life in every possible way continuing with the news of 290,000 doctors across the country who participate in a strike for 12 hours due to the protest they had against the National Medical Commission Bill which became a big headline.  News like CBI court sentencing RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav imprisonment for three and half year and Indian Space Research Organisation placing 31 satellites in the space were few of the remarkable things that Indian witnessed.  News like Kerala floods, the death of former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee at the age of 93 was some news that made the whole nation cry and felt heavily.  On the other hand news like Chennai Super Kings winning the 2020 Indian Premier League and Indian national cricket team winning T20I series against England were some of the best offerings of 2020.

We are ready to give a farewell to 2020 and embrace 2021 with open hands keeping aside all the incidents, the good ones, the bad ones and all that passed as life is all about going forward and leaning backward.  From 2020 as a year, we as human being had learned a lot which will simply count when we put our next big step in the coming year of 2021, but on a whole it can certainly be assessed that it has made the bond between each and every one of us more tighter and stronger and we move forward from hereon.

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