Good Night for Wife – Images Poem & Message

Good Night Message to a very special person of your life. This will be very special as this is the only one who stands besides you at the worst times of your life she is none other than your Wife. I know every one loves their wife but putting your love and care towards them into words or images is just the prettiest one you do for her and it will be the most happiest thing for her from you than a diamond necklace or any sort of gift. Hearing that some one loves you so much is an awesome feeling which we cant express in our words. Create such wonderful feelings in your partners heart with these lovely collection of Good Night for Wife – Images Poem & Message. Exclusive or the greatest man who respect and love their wives.

good night poem for wife

Good night poem for wife


So come kiss me and say good night,
Before the moon goes full and bright,
The eye lids blinking envied peeps,
To see your face in charming sleep.

Your hands, the warmth, it comfort me,
Your eyes, the pearls from lovely sea,
Their shyness sing and dance to heart,
No king or god shall see its art.

To hold your gentle skin to chest,
And lie on lap in complete rest,
Your pretty blossom face I kiss,
And dreaming places, holy bliss.

Your scent of roses bring me forth,
This pleasant chill from mountains north,
Your face that shine and smile with sun,
Reminds me of the love I won.

The western winds shall blow for you,
To fill your hairs with shining dew,
Your sparkling face bring back to life,
My soul I took with hunters knife.

But dying soul then lives again,
From death and night by breaking chain,
Your love keeps calling back to life,
To hear you sing, my charming wife.
Anees Rahman

Good night Message for wife

good night images for wife

Good Night My Love
Good Night My Love

My darling,
I have been thinking of you
Thinking of you a lot these days,
dreaming of your kiss,
and holding you.

I want to wish you
pleasant dreams,
and a sunny day tomorrow.

Good night my love.

May God watch over you,
and keep you
in the palm of his hand
cupped in warmth
and tender dreams.

May you dream
of our love and embrace,
and wake to a blessed
sunny sunrise which fills you
with hope and love for all.

Good night my love.
Know that I am yours always

Good night Image for wife

good night message for wife

These are best collection of Good Night for Wife – Images Poem & Message. Hope you loved them.

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This is Too pretty Cool Collection of Images and Messages, which I really want.