20 Adorable Granddaughter Easter Wishes Form Grand Parents {Greeting Cards}

Hello Friends. I bring you lots of warm wishes in this Easter season for all of you from our sites team members. This life is so short may be only 100 years or more so grab all the opportunity to express your love and care towards your most adorable daughters and grand daughters. these simple but special words of love and care brings you the most greatest Easter wishes from Easter bunny with lots of Easter eggs.

20 Adorable Granddaughter Easter Wishes Form Grand Parents {Greeting Cards}

To the sweetest granddaughter
A Special Blessing on this Easter
You are here! And my heart rejoices – For when you’re near Sweeter are all nature’s voices. Morning’s glow seems brighter While evening’s shade has a softer hue. Even life’s burdens appear to be lighter All because, sweet child, of you… Happy Easter

Sending kisses
I appreciate you
We miss you so very much
Sending this to give you a smile
I hope to see you soon
I’m Glad You’re My Granddaughter
You’re an extraordinary person
Thinking of you is all that I do (missing you)

Happy Easter

Granddaughter easter greetings from grand father

granddaughter easter wishes greetings cards grandpaernts grandmother grand father

Say “We Love You”
I Love You — Always Remember This
You’re Precious
Your Inner Beauty
Always A Pleasure*
I Love You!
What I Owe You
Bouquet of Love
A Mother’s Day Message*
We Thank You (we love you)
My Sweet Angel – I miss you so*
Without you, what would I do?*
I Miss You So Much on this Easter
Miss You – Sending Love and Hugs
I care more than you know

Granddaughter Easter greetings from grand mother

A granddaughter is special
Send love to your granddaughter
I appreciate you*
Send to young girl who you miss and will visit soon
I appreciate you
Thank You For All You Do
You’re A Blessing
Thank your granddaughter for always lifting your spirits
You are the star of my life
Tell your granddaughter you like spending time with her*
Let’s Get Together and have some fun*
I want you to “bee” happy

Happy Easter
My wish for you
Sending love and missing you
I think of you often
Let’s Get Together
I Miss You More Than You Know
Tell your granddaughter that it’s ok – we all make mistakes
Thank You For All You Do
Say Good Night to a young child
I Love You – love builds bridges where there are none
Greeting to say I believe in you
Keep in touch


Happy Easter
From someone who doesn’t say I Love You often
Send to young child who learned how to read
I’m Thankful For You Granddaughter
Tell a preteen granddaughter you enjoy spending time with her
Tell your teenage granddaughter you enjoy spending time with her
You Lift Me Up
I Miss You So Much
As the clock ticks off the hours
You Make My Day – Let’s Get Together
Card for a very young child
You enjoy spending time with her
To a sweet granddaughter
A loving message
Tell your granddaughter that she is the best
I’m sending love
Sending love and big hugs
You’re the best

Happy Easter

20 Adorable Granddaughter Easter Wishes Form Grand Parents {Greeting Cards}

My Darling Granddaughter
Tell your granddaughter she is special
You’re A Blessing*
You’re More Than A Granddaughter
You Deserve A Special Award

Happy Easter
My Dear Granddaughter
I’m here for you (grandmother to granddaughter)
You’re A Star That Shines Bright
No One Could Fill Your Shoes*
A nice granddaughter greeting
A Little Angel Told Me
You’re Such A Blessing Granddaughter
Happy Easter

The Easter feeling does not end,
it signals a new beggining of nature spring
and brand new life of friendship.
Happy Easter to My Best Friend!

“He Came From Heaven To Earth To Show The Way,
From The Earth To The Cross My Debt He Paid,
From The Cross To The Grave From The Grave To Sky,
He Left His Throne For Our Sins.”

Happy Easter

May Lord bless you on
this auspicious day of Easter,
and May it be a new beginning
of greater prosperity,
success and happiness.
Wish you a Happy Easter

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