Happy Journey Wishes Travelling quotes Bon Voyage Messages Wallpapers & Pictures

Happy Journey Wishes Travelling quotes Bon Voyage Messages Wallpapers & Pictures

Happy Journey Wishes: While you are travelling or when your friends are on a journey here are nice, Perfect and Best Collection of Happy Journey SMS, Happy Journey Text Messages, Happy Journey Wishes and Happy Journey Quotes for your Lover and Loved ones on any Journey. Best of Bon Voyage Sms for Your Boyfriend and Girlfriend to travel safely on their Journeys by road or by flight.Loveliest of Journey Mercy Sms, Journey Mercy Text Messages, Journey Mercy Wishes and Journey Mercy Quotes. Plus, Happy Journey Prayers for someone special are all the one you needed here and we hope you have enjoyed these.

All that start journeys don’t finish it well,

But I checked, that is not for you.

Your journey will be full of merriment,

And you will be back here safe and sound.

Please do take care of yourself for us.

Happy Journey Wishes

You are very lucky to have a job that allows you to travel everywhere, I wish you all the luck in the world on this trip and I hope everything goes very well my love.

Happy Journey Wishes

Although I will not be joining you on this journey, my heart will be with you wherever you go. I love you a lot my love and I wish you all the best in this important event.

 I have longed for this moment to come.

A moment of truth from me to you.

See, I never wanted you to be on this journey!

And the reason is just because it’s hard to cope without you here.

I see this journey end in peace

I can see you smile in the end.

I see me welcome you back safely.

Surely this shall come to pass.

It might be hard to cope, but I urge you to summon courage within. The situations around will soon change for your favour. Just be hopeful.

Don’t conclude just yet! Your desires can still be met in this journey. Remember, the end still justifies the means. All will be well.

Messages to wish happy journey and safe journey:

Wish  your loved ones a very happy and a safe  journey!  Text them and make them feel  special. Never loose any opportunity to say something that you wanna say!To wish our friends family and lovers any one  a safe journey, to convey your heartfelt wishes, to show them how much you miss their presence, to mention how happy you are for them here is a surprise for you. To share al your feelings here are  happy journey collection of quotes, shayari, messages, sms and pictures in Hindi language and even in Hindi font. You can now wish a very happy and safe journey to your loved ones in Hindi. As we all know people often travel to a lot of places. In a quest for life, we travel. Traveling gives us  the thrill and it shows us what life is all about. We travel to visit places, we travel to visit our loved ones, we travel for different reasons. When your loved are on a journey, we are always worried if we are safe or not, we miss them so much. So, here are some of the messages and quotes that we have collected to send to your loved ones who are on a journey or bon voyage.

You have to chase what seems impossible, over and over and over again. Because giving up is not an option. And when you feel like you have reached your peak, it’s just the beginning. Have a fun trip!

Let me pray for a safe and sound journey for you. I hope this journey will give you a peace of mind and rest of soul if you dare to complete this journey without missing me!!

Don’t be in a hurry to reach different places and new cities. Rather, take a deep breath to enjoy the cultures and new faces. Bon Voy!

Happy Journey Sms Messages for your Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Sister, Brother, Father, Mother, Friends, Co-workers, Business Partners, Colleagues and all your Loved ones for Happy Journey as they take any trip.

Have A Good Trip Messages

Good luck! Hope you have an amazing time…and hope you make millions of amazing memories, I am looking forward to hearing the stories of your wonderful journey, have a fun.

I understand this might not be such journeys you wish you embark on, but I see you being glad you did in the end. Be positive friend.

Happy Journey Wishes & Images

The road is rough, and the journey seems long? It’s just a matter of time and you will be at your destination. Just don’t lose focus.

Don’t let what you are seeing now rob you of the goodies that is hidden in this journey. Remember, after the night comes the day. Happy journey back home.

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