Hindi Holi Quotes – Holi Wishes in Hindi – होली मुबारक Happy Holi Hindi Quotations Images

Happy Holi all. Holi is one of the much awaited festivals in India. Earlier only celebrated in the northern parts of India, now it has acquired popularity even down south. This is due to the cosmopolitan nature of the cities and people migrating for work and studies.

Hindi Holi Quotes – Holi Wishes in Hindi – Happy Holi Hindi Quotations Images are here today for you in this article. Holi is a festival to get yourself colorful and forgive all ill will. That is why the famous one liner is used by one and all. “ Bura na maano holi hai. “
During earlier days festival wishes were through telegrams, telephones and letters.
Later on we moved to e-greetings and e mails.

Hindi Holi Quotes

Our present generation has the ever active social media to make their feelings and wishes reach hundreds of people in a jiffy.
Technology has truly made the world smaller and the distance between people larger.
People send each other wishes though quotes. Each trying to be more unique than the other.
Holi quotes are many. The most popular ones are in Hindi. Quotes in regional languages are also being circulated widely.
But it is the Holi quotes in Hindi that are a favorite.
There are quotes to cater to every age group. A few Hindi Holi quotes are enlisted. It gives the reader a very joyous and a festive feeling.

Holi Wishes in Hindi 

-Pichkari ki dhar, gulal ki bauchar,
Apno ka pyar, yehi hai Holi ka tyauhaar.

– Rango se bhi rangeen zindagi hamari,
Rangili rahe yeh bandagi hamari,
Kabhi na bigde yeh pyaar ki rangoli
Eh mere yaar tujhe mubarak ho yeh Holi.

A very popular one that depicts the love between Lord Krishna and Radha is as follows :

Radhaji boli Shri Krishna se,
Is shart pe khelungi pyar ki holi
Jeetu toh tujhe paau aur
Haaru toh teri ho jaau.

 Happy Holi Hindi Quotations Images

Some lovely Hindi Holi quotes aim to forget all animosity and rekindle friendship.

– Rango tum, Rangu mai
Rang de saara jahaan.
Bus hase aur gale lagey
Aur bhoole dushmani ki nishaan.

The lovely colours unite one and all. People forget themselves in the melee of the drums and the trumpets. People dressed in fancy costumes encourage everyone to join in and celebrate the childhood that we all have within ourselves!

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