Kids Christmas Coloring Pages

Kids Christmas coloring pages: When your son or daughter say ” Mama, I’m bored and looking for some coloring pages to color .. please help me ” and when you cant find any good ones something appropriate for him or her on this Christmas season. Then you are at right place. Here are good kids Christmas coloring pages for all the children who love fun coloring. This is a very relaxing hobby for your kids in this holiday season when you are at any city/place/sun person whether for a boy or a girl.

Kids Christmas coloring pages

kids christmas coloring pages to print

Biblical Christmas coloring pages:

Bible story kids christmas coloring pages to print

Funny Kids Christmas coloring pages: christmas coloring pages for small kids

Kids Christmas Presents coloring pages: christmas gifts coloring pages for small kids

Beautiful Kids Christmas coloring pages:

kids christmas coloring pages to print easy

kids christmas coloring pages to print

A whiffin’, sniffin’ gift,
Especially for you.
It’s from “Secret Santa”
Bet you can’t guess who!

Winkin’, blinkin, just don’t nod.
This gift is for your eyes.
It’s from Secret Santa too,
By now, that’s no surprise.

Jingle, jangle, what do I hear?
It’s not a reindeer sleigh–
It must be Secret Santa,
Hurrying on his way.

Yummy, yummy, tummy tingling.
A tasty, tempting treat.
Won’t you be surprised
When we finally meet!

This final gift–for the sense of touch–
Might be a bit surprising.
I’m sure you know just who I am,
Without realizing.
~author unknown~

And here’s a set of seven:

Twas the first day of giving and all through the place
Not a person was lurking not even a trace
So I tiptoed my way to your desk down the hall
And dropped off this gift, Gosh! I’m having a ball!

In through the door I flew like a flash
Set down your gift, I hope it’s a smash!
Then with a twinkle and gleam in my eye
I quickly disappeared before you could spy
I can’t let you see me I have to be quick
You don’t know my name ’cause I’m your secret St. Nick!

What to my wondering eyes did appear
An opportunity to drop off this gift
For someone quite dear…

On day number three I snuck past the door
With a clever disguise to even the score
For I’m your Secret Santa and I can’t let your eyes
Rest on my face and spoil the surprise!

I’m prancing and dancing all over the place
Because I’ve left you a gift with ‘neary a trace
I’m really quite proud of the way that I’ve been
Able to stay secret – it sure makes me grin!

I’m giggling and laughing and shouting with glee
I’ve left you another gift
But you still haven’t seen me!

If you hear someone yell though they aren’t in your site
“Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”
You’re not hearing things and it’s not a trick
It’s really just me, your secret St. Nick

kids christmas coloring pages
kids christmas coloring pages to print

kids christmas coloring pages to print

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