12 Unique Easter Wishes Greetings Messages Recipes Cards

Hello readers, You can see many people loving You, Care You Trust You, But there is only one person died For You. Its Jesus Christ.

Happy Easter for you and your Family.

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Easter Sunday is one of the important day for Christians all over the globe. Christians across the world celebrates birth as well as resurrection of Jesus Christ once in the year. In case of Western Countries, they use these day to visit the family members and friends if they are working outside the city. But for Middle east and Asian Countries, this day is not similar as Western. but most Christian people try to have a dinner or Lunch with their family members in this day.

While seeing Easter bunnies, Easter egg at shops, Easter egg hunt events and special Easter offers, It is clear that Easter weekend is coming. Keep your family including kids, Parents and Wife fully entertained in the Easter long weekend with variety of Easter games and Easter attractions. The whole states in United States had started rolling out special games and attractions for family. Just go through this website and figure out what all things you want in this Easter.

As this occasion is for celebration, people used to express their joy and happiness through social medias. As Facebook and Whatsapp are 2 of the popular ways, we had collected several best Easter Status so that you can copy them and send to your best buddies. Make use of these Easter status quotes and pictures to express your attitude towards Easter.

Easter Greeting Cards & Images

Easter Greeting Cards & Images


Happy Easter Wishes Text Messages to share

Easter Sunday is not an end.
Its just a starting.
It resembles a new beginning of Nature’s spring
Wish you to achieve a new beginning for your life.

This is a truth.
Jesus Died for us.
Jesus rise from the death
and Finally He returns one day.

Alleluia, Jesus rose from death.
Its all for you
Happy Easter for you and your family.

12 Unique Easter Wishes Greetings Messages Recipes Cards

12 Unique Easter Wishes Greetings Messages Recipes Cards
Easter egg roll 2015

The current year’s White House Easter Egg Roll offers five trinket eggs. Four of the eggs are painted in bubbly hues – ocean breeze blue, sunburst orange, petunia purple, and spring green. These eggs offer the stamped marks of the President and First Lady on the back. The fifth egg, the “Bo and Sunny” egg, is a characteristic American Birchwood egg that is incorporated just in the 2015 5-pack Collector’s Egg Set. This egg has the stamped “marks” and “paw prints” of Bo and Sunny on the back. Easter egg roll 2015.

The eggs first got to be a piece of the custom in 1981, when President and Mrs. Ronald Reagan facilitated a chase for wooden eggs that drag the marks of on-screen characters, performers, celebrated legislators, and competitor


For the frosting:

Combine the butter, sugar and salt in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment (or in a large bowl if using a hand-held electric mixer). Mix on low speed until mostly incorporated. Add the vanilla, increase the speed to medium-high and mix until smooth. Adjust the consistency with milk until the frosting is easy to spread.

easter recipie bunny cake without egg

For the bunny:

Spread a thin layer of frosting on the flat side of one cake layer, about 2/3 cup, and top with the flat side of the second cake layer. Measure 5 inches across the top of the cake and cut down through the layers, creating two layered pieces that are slightly different sizes.

Place the larger piece of cake, cut-side down, on a large platter or cake board. If using a rectangular cake board, place the larger piece so that the long edges are parallel with the long edges of the board. This is the body of the bunny. Cut the smaller piece of cake in half crosswise, so you have two layered wedges. Place one wedge in front of the body, with one flat side on the board and the other flat side against the body. The curved side will be on top. Take a serrated knife and round off the sharp edges on top of the head. Cut the tip off (the nose) at a 45-degree angle. Reserve all scraps in a bowl.

Separate the layers of the remaining wedge of cake. These will be the back legs. Round the sharp edges of the cake wedges with your knife, and add to the scrap bowl. Place one piece on each side of the bunny, with one flat side down and the other flat side facing forward (the round side towards the back of the bunny), about 1-inch from the end of the bunny’s body.

Mix the cake scraps in the bowl with a fork until mashed, and then pack into a ball with your hands. Place the ball behind the bunny’s body and adhere with a dab of frosting. This is the bunny’s tail.

Frost the entire bunny, tail and all, using 2 to 3 cups of the frosting, keeping some definition with the bunny parts, and frosting more generously around any sharp edges to give a rounded look to the bunny parts. Sprinkle the bunny with the coconut to fully cover. Gently pat to adhere.

Insert the biscotti between the head and body, pressing into the cake to secure them. These are the ears. Place the base of the ears close together at the center of the head and angle them out. Frost the front of each biscotti with some frosting. Then, using the pink decorating icing, frost a smaller strip in the center of each biscotti, going down to where the ears meet the head but not going all the way to the top.

To make the face, press a black jelly bean into each side of the head for the eyes. Cut one of the marshmallows into 3 circles, discard the middle piece, and press the 2 end circles, cut-sides-in, into the front of the face for the bunny cheeks. Take the white jelly bean halves and push them into face below the cheeks, round-sides-out, for the teeth. Place the pink jelly bean above for the nose.

Unroll the licorice wheel and cut 2 pieces about 1 1/2 inches long each. For each piece, peel the strips apart halfway down, and then cut each separated strip in half lengthwise so you end up with a piece looking a bit like a broom. Repeat with the second piece of licorice. Tuck each piece, with a dab of frosting, behind a marshmallow cheek, with the cut ends facing out, for the whiskers.

Cut the second marshmallow in half lengthwise. Make 3 slits in each half, going about halfway through (these are the toes), and place in front of the legs for the bunny’s feet. Adhere the bottom of the feet with icing if necessary.

Cook’s Note:

Take 2 1/2 sheets of parchment paper and cut in half. Line the edges of your cake board with these parchment rectangles so that they form a rectangle of open space in the middle. Build your cake on the edges of these pieces of parchment. When you are finished you can slide them away along with any excess icing and coconut.

Make sure your cakes are completely cooled before you being to ice and cut them.

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May this special time bring reflection on all
that is God in your life! Happy Easter!

The Easter feeling does not end,
it signals a new beggining of nature spring
and brand new life of friendship.
Happy Easter to My Best Friend!

Celebrate the day that our Savior has resurrected!
Be blessed and have a meaningful Easter.

Easter is a Holy day, not just a Holiday.
Have a wonderful Easter!

Calories from Easter candy don’t count.
It’s a well-known scientific fact. Seriously, look it up.

Feel blessed because a new life
is given to you today! Happy Easter!

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