Whatsapp Facebook Hike Display Pictures for Holi – {Happy Holi {DP}}

Whatsapp Facebook Hike Display Pictures {DP} for Holi – {Happy Holi }: Diplay pictures for facebook hike and whatsapp are here for you on the special occasion of Holi. Generally Holi is Celebrated Three days in some parts of India.Here are Three Days Which we celebrate Holi.They are:

Display Pictures {DP} for Holi

Day One-
This Day is Known as Rang Pashi. This is when the eldest member of the family takes colored water and colored powder and wipes it on the faces of his family members as a way of showing his blessings.

Day Two-
This Day is known as Puno. On this day there is an amazing community bonfire where members of the community come out. This day is specifically known for being extremely boisterous, where there is a lot of hooting and hollering, where people show their excitement for the arrival of spring.

Day Three-
This Day is known as Parva. This is the day that is most commonly associated with Holi. It is when friends and family gather and throw colored water and colored powder all over each other.

Display Pictures {DP} for Holi

Hike Display Pictures {DP} for Holi 

whatsapp hike facebook Display Pictures {DP} for Holi

Whatsapp Display Pictures {DP} for Holi 

Holi whatsapp status 2016

Facebook Display Pictures {DP} for Holi 

Whatsapp Facebook Hike Messages for Holi - {Happy Holi }

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