When is Teddy Day Celebrated?

When is Teddy Day Celebrated?

February 10 is when Teddy Day Celebrated

There is an amazing image of a Teddy with roses alongside beautiful wordings can be added for expressing what all emotions are hidden in the cave of love. You can just try sending the image of a person holding the coffee mug with the message ‘I love you’ on teddy day. Among other cards the boy holding a bunch of red roses trying to give it to a girl is an attractive way to open up.

when is teddy bear day is celebrated

I am taken aback to know one thing-a hard core reality. The one big thing which has become more important than oxygen now a day  is our own cell phones. Just select a Valentine’s day card with a picture of an attractive person throwing the cell phones to a dustbin . Words like You are more important to me than my mobile phone would be a classic way to impress your heart throb.

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