First text message to a girl you dont know on Facebook – Examples

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Whatsapp text message to a girl you dont know 

First text message to a girl you dont know on Facebook - Examples


What to & not to text message a girl

What not to do:

1.Hi (with a creepy smiley)

I mean what the hell!!! Who the hell are you!!

“Hello I think I really like you. I want to really really want to be your friend or just an acquaintance.. Please please please.. Don’t refuse. My heart will break”

No! Please’s are not sympathetic , they are pathetic!

Hi I really liked the yellow dress you wore today. Funny I like yellow too!

Nope, Not funny man.

4.Hi, my name is Raj.

OK,so? I mean this is not an in person conversation.

No goodnight or good morning messages.

I mean when was the last time you wished your mother good morning?! Very unnatural.

Sometimes guys forget just why they are texting a girl. They get wrapped up in idle chit chat and completely lose track of the big picture. The big picture, of course, is to get the girl to meet up through text.

When a guy is just texting one girl at a time, it’s easy for him to get wrapped up in that “scarcity” mentality mentioned earlier. If you want to get out of that mindset for good and become a master at texting girls, then you should be texting lots of women.LOL
There’s a time and place for serious conversation with a girl, and texting is NOT it. Trying to have a serious conversation over text is exhausting and nobody likes doing it. So keep the serious “let’s-get-to-know-each-other” conversations to live interactions. When texting a girl, you instead want to focus on having fun and keeping it light.

First text message to a girl you dont know on Facebook

 Had dinner?

This happened to me once. I don’t know if he is a food specialist or something. We just met in the library. He forced my number out of me and the first message I received was this,had dinner? I was about to send “why the f**k do you care?” Then after further inquiries everyday about my meal and the empty/full status of my stomach ,had to block him for inner peace.

First text message to a girl you dont know on Facebook – Examples

What may be some good points?

1. Try a natural decent prestigious start:

hello this is Nick, the guy you just met in the library. Thought I would give you my number. So here it is! Have a great day!

2. Research about what she likes:

Hey Pam, this is Nick. I just read your blog and I wanted to personally leave an appreciation note. I simply loved it! You are an elegant gifted writer. That said, I’m a writer too. Please check out my blog here if you like.

3. Generate a likeness:

People get attracted to same minded people. First step alienate others, second – point out the likeness between you and her.

Example: Hi, it’s amazing to find out how similar we are. Did you just notice we both answered the same for those creativity quiz questions?? Rarely I meet people of my same wavelength.

4. ( This is the most important thing) It’s not about just one message. You have to be consistently decent, natural, non-creepy and genuine to win a girl’s heart.

So it’s difficult. But good luck!:)

5. When texting a girl, keep the text ratio close to 1:1.

6. Keep an abundance mentality


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