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Do you know saying “good night” in Japanese is not an easy task?

Japanese is very interesting culture, when I seriously think about it.
Saying good night in Japanese culture is not that simple actually,it is not like “good night” in English or “bonne nuit” in French, which we express when parting from others in the evening.
Really, it is not that simple. It really depends on the context and situation.
In normal situation, yes, “oyasumi nasai” is correct.
But it seems pretty odd to say it when one is leaving work place even at 11:00 PM.
Oh yes, people stay in the office until quite late in Japan, although the company says its business hour is 9 AM to 5 PM.

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Are they that busy? Perhaps, but there seem to be an unwritten rule known to all the Japanese salary men, “japanese white collar workers”, not to leave work before their superiors. To give you a clearer picture, the low rank or no title staff (hira shain) will wait for his senior ( senpai or shunin) to leave first, and this “senpai” wait for the kacho (head of the section), the “kacho” wait for the bucho (the manager or general manager), and so on and so forth.
So what do one says to one’s superior when he finally decides to call it a day?
“お疲れ様でした” / ”Otsukare sama deshita”. (It literally means you must have exhausted yourself).
Now, because the “Bucho” and the “Kacho” have left, finally your turn arrives, but there are still others who seem still reluctant to make the move. But who cares, you may think, but please don’t say it out loud; just keep it inside your heart and instead say :
お先に失礼します” /”Osakini sitsurei shimasu.” (literally it means please forgive my bad manners of leaving before you).
Neither “oyasumi” nor “oyasuminasai” are appropriate in the above situation.
In Japanese social interaction, especially in business environment, how one says things are “regulated”, and not that obvious to foreigners’ eyes. Even in modern Japan, some practices dated from the feudal period still survive. One of them is “keigo”, the honorific language. I will stop here because this will need to be discussed separately.
In short, I’ll say “oyasumi” to very close friends, family members (younger or equal), and “oyasuminasai” to people older than me, some friends and I know them well, and certainly not at the office and to my superiors.
What makes “oyasuminasai” is hard to use to one’s superiors is because of the syntax of that phrase. In Japanese grammar, to make imperative sentences, the rule is to add “nasai” to the verb word stem. Although putting the “o” in front of the verb stem “yasumi” makes it sound like “keigo” (honorific language to show respect), the idea of ordering one’s boss to do something is considered outrageous. In this situation, I would suggest you say
明日も宜しくお願いします /”ashita mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu (something like see you tomorrow but with better wording), when replying your boss’ email at night time.

Here is another bonus:
“Ohayogozaimasu” which almost all japanophiles know, does not always means good morning. I have seen it is used by Japanese people at night time too.
Different profession has different set code of conducts .

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O-yasumi nasai is standard for “Good night” and dropping the nasai can make it informal. Be sure to give all seven syllables equal length and stress. (For J purposes, sai is 2 syllables.) There are surprisingly few other things to say as a final comment before going to sleep, and nothing else that is standard. I quite surprised my bride the first time I wished her good dreams (Ii yume wo mite, ne.) but that prepared her for a later litany of English expressions: “Sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite.” “See you in the morning (after I see you in my dreams).” “Time for 40 winks,” and so on and so on.

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