How to Congratulate my Pregnant Sister??‍♂️

Hello buddies. Welcome to when I heard the good news of pregnancy of my sister I wanted to congratulate her in a surprising way. On this search I found so many innovative ideas to congratulate my sister on her first pregnancy. Today I want to share with you few of the ideas I have got and also at the end I’m excited to tell how I wished her ,?

Just a call

You might think how a call can be so innovative. Don’t think I am stupid. I just need to tell you clearly about this in detail. When I heard the news I was so happy and couldn’t even give a second to loose celebration with my sister. So, I took a leave from my job. I started my car to visit her at her place. I rang her on phone when I almost reached her door and then the second she said the news with her words I opened her door with a huge bunch of balloon flowers and a tight hug. My sister was amazed and shocked to see me at her door at her very first pregnancy celebration. You can also try this as I think this would be a great surprise and sharing your love at her happiest moment.

A Cake:

For every celebration cake is common. But it is Ur innovative and creative mind which can make the most common thing as a best one ever. So it popped in my mind when I heard the news. So I baked a cake as fast as I can and then for her surprise I made it as a diaper. Yes it may look funny but it’s true. I made a diaper cake with white vanilla cream and I wanted the words on it so expressive.Β  Can you guess the words I have written?? Yes. I wrote” it’s your turn now” … She felt really happy with the work and with a tear drop she said ‘you are the best’.

A baby Lot πŸ™‚

Don’t overthink.. yes it’s a lot.. I have gathered all the kids of my near and dear with their parents help and then I took her there . As a surprise I have congratulated the to be mon and to be baby with a loud shout of welcome to the mom’s world from the mother’s mot welcome little one from the kids. That was a little hectic but it worth it.

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