Freshers Day Poems My Fresher Party Poetry in Hindi & English

Freshers Day Poems: Hey buddies. I know how you feel now. Even I know how people feel when we bid farewell to our loved seniors in our school college office any where.

Freshers Day Poems

1. On this good day of the Lord,
We your seniors of the last year;
And well-wishers from near and far,
Greet and take you all as on-par,
And invite you to fellowship
In the Lord’s name we all worship.

The world may have its woes and cares,
The whole suffers pressure from peers;
But in campus, we come to learn,
That later, what we learn may earn
A just living that with one ‘ccord,
We may work hard and serve our Lord.

2. Our tribes and backgrounds may differ,
Diverse courses we may prefer;
But in God we trust one ism,
One Faith, one Lord and one Baptism;
Urging y’all to be believers,
We welcome you all dear Freshers.

3. In a short while, new will be old,
Soon, you’ll move out of campus-fold;
If you judge self and truly repent,
Your University days will be well-spent;
Every day, pray, and Lord you seek,
Seven days without prayer makes one weak.

Freshers Day Poems My Fresher Party Poetry in Hindi & English

Welcome Poem for Freshers Party

Oh! Welcome freshers
To this most recognized department
We have a place reserved for you
Also in our heart apartment

Your presence brightens up the day
Your intellect has many things to say
Your energy burns up all the hay
And then we have a bill to pay
Oh come on just kidding!
That was only a joke to say
We know
That your goals have a movement like a ray
You all succeed in your life
That’s the only thing we pray

We remember
The day you first stepped
In the Department of Business Administration
Big question mark on every guy’s face
But with a distinct satisfaction
We never expected that you’ll create
Such extensive reverberation
That the whole department will dance
On the 16th October for recreation

Your batch comprises of
Such beautiful kudiyaan
Some are simple, a few are sober
And most are burning fuljhariyaan
Just their presence creates the milieu
For an exceptional euphoria
And the department also boasts of
These rarest Goriyaan
We are sure you’ll rise
To the paramount position
None of you will settle for hausfrau
And continue the blind tradition
Take the world in your stride
With the utmost precision
Break all barriers, remove all fences
As well as the superstitions

Now considering something
About the boy’s part
You are all quite contrary
To your fairer counterpart
Beware! The girls are going to drive you crazy
Your lackluster attitude
Makes you all lazy
Anyhow, if are on the hit list
Then you all turn to be evangelist
Our dear brethren can outflank any philanderer
Yet you are called philanthropist

Freshers Day Poems My Fresher Day Poetry in Hindi & English

So now guys
It’s time to get into the grove
As we have some lip-smacking supper
And a foxtrot to prove

So go and get your part or pie
Otherwise you’ll lag behind mere bhai
The floor is ready for your jhatkaa
And we can’t help if somebody atkaa

We’ll have some toothsome vegetarian
That you’ll remember till septuagenarian
But mind it out the samose me mircha
That has proved us a lot of kharcha

We all had some exciting times together
The memories of which are imprinted forever
We hope that you didn’t mind
All through the introduction
As we just wanted to prove
Our deep love and affection
But in case if you felt otherwise
Then we are sorry and heartily apologize
We just wanted to build
A healthy atmosphere
Which has the camaraderie
All in a social sphere

We expect from you to sync all around
And raise the coveted banner
We expect you to win all through
In a competitive manner

Our wishes are always with you
In every step of your life
And you’ll find us beside you
In each and every strife
But don’t expect us to help you
In that part of your life
Which includes the fights and quarrels
Between the husband and wife
But we promise that we won’t be ajnabee
‘Cause our dil really chahta hai
So enjoy that day as much as you can
As ye din roz nahi aata hai
Sumeet Mukherjee

Inspirational Poem on Freshers day

This is a true story of seven students
Agone days of those ill-famed fiddles
Musing with drolleries – assiduity on catchy missies
And lamed against educators animalism.
Books usually kept aside but concentration hard on last night
Weekends glossed upon soul mate’s hug
Weekdays went upon escaping tutorials
And the freshers on boozing thought, to try out school time dipso bash.

Freshers Day Poems

Once in the winter of two thousand one
Seven students planned for such a dipso bash
By escaping from school in the first half
After the party, to rejoin their lectures in the second half.
This was just an act of vengeance
To prove the youthful independence
They tried to live with self prominence
Extropies to get caught, was out of their dominance.

One among them sorted out the program
After the assembly followed by the literature lecture
They are to jump over the fence, a height of twelve feet,
Bounded by the cycle stand.
The bell rang and before the second lecture started
They adhered to their plan.
One followed the other, eyes sleuthing everywhere
Fortuitously they moved along the corridor
To the cycle stand.

The guard might have gone for a cup of tea
Hence the coast was clear, and
Those sleuthing eyes calculated the time
And decided to involve into a black-listed crime.
The fence was too high, yet didn’t bothered them
One bicycle was supported to the wall
And the other was carefully placed on top
One was holding and others climbed up
The last one to go somehow made the jump.

Scatted seven breached the rules
And pelted along the street,
The moment of triumph was cracked by relish,
Towards the destiny, only belonged to those educatees.
Everything was planned – two large Royal Stag
Seven disposable glasses and potato chips,
The cold water and ice cubes then blended their time with juvenility
An awaited moment, felt like a walk to the heaven.

Blitzed seven minds headed for the school
By the plan they were going to attain those second-half lectures
Wobbling through the corridors all the seven
Were now the back benchers of the class
Caught by few classmates and asked to keep numb.
Two lectures over the last one to go
Those dreadful sleepy eyes
Somehow looked very attentive in class for the first time.

Lectures were over and they escaped luckily
The act of vengeance
Ultimately proved their independence
All they did was just to encounter the consequence.

Swairik Das

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Freshers day poem in hindi

Ye pal yuhi gujar jayega…..
Waqt kaha humare liye tehar payega…
Lamho se bhare in palo mein duriyo ka pal kaise samayega…
Pyaar ke khatir naye tohfo kharidna,usi pyaar ke liye dosto se ladna
College ke naam par canteen jana ,Roz naye bahane dekar lecture na jana
Yaro se zhagadna aur manana ,unki choti si taklif ko bhi dil se lagana
Kaha se launga ye pal ,kaha se launga vo waqt?
Ye pal yuhi …..

Pechle bench par ki vo mastiya ,Attendence na hone par teacher ki galiya
PL’s mein shuru karna padhai,Result na ane par dena university ko duhai.
Sikha aur samjha bahot hai humne ,Zindagi ke har pehlu ko jana hai humne
Alvida kehkar ja rahe hai dosto ko,kaun jane kab koi mil payega..
Ye pal yuhi gujar jayega,Waqt kaha humare liye tehar payega….
Anand Agarwa

Poem for freshers party in Hindi (from Seniors)

Na Socha tha kabhi ki 1 Saal itni jaldi gujar jaega…
Waqt kaha humare liye yu tehar paega!
IIT or AIEEE k sadme k thei maare…
Fir Ayi state PET or ho gye local university k haawale!
Har Chehra tha nya or tha humare liye Anjaan..
fir b soch kar aye thei ki banani h is bheed mei apni pehchan!
Har kisi k dil mei hota tha ragging ka dar…
kya pta kab kaunsa senior mil jaaye kidhar!
Din gujarte hai freshers party aati hai….
Saath mei ragging ka dar uda le jaati hai!
Fir bane dost or shuru hone lagi baate…
Starting ka ek lecture attend karte or dinbhar canteen mei gappe ladate!
Woh garden mei baithkar aate jaate logo ko taadna…
Or har dost ki plate se thodi thodi maggi kabadna!
Woh college ki sundariyo ko dekhkar Muskarana…
unki smile back karne par saatve aasman par pahuch jana!
Yaro se zhagadna aur fir unhe manana…
unki choti si taklif ko bhi dil se lagana!
Woh class mei ghusna hamesha late..
or teacher ka kehna-“Get out from the gate”
Woh last bench par baith kar teacher ki hasi udana…
or fir lecture k beech ubasi maarke so jana!
Woh Assignment milne par muh banana…
Or dost ki proxy laga kar teachers ko khub satana!
Woh College Events mei ja-jaakar contacts badhana…
Or Karnaame karke H.O.D and H.R.D department se bhid jaana!
Woh practicals k time padhai chodhkar sajne or sawarne mei time bitna…
Viva bura hone par mann hi mann teacher ko baduaee lagana!!
Woh semester aane par hosh ana or fir khub chillana…
or last mei apni kismat NK or CBC pe aazmana!
Us time hoti hai har dil mei topper banene ki hasrat..
kitabon se milti nahin kisi ko bhi fursat!
Woh preparation leave ki padhai…
or result late aane par University ko duhaai!
Fir finally result aata hai or Poori ho jaati hai “ALL CLEAR “ki aas…
jo reh jaate hai woh reval se karte hai umeed or ho jaate hai udaas!
Sikha bohat hai humne or bohat kuch hai jaana…
Pta chal gya h ki Kis se rakhni h doori or kis ka hai saath nibhana!
Ab hum b ho gye hai senior or aa gya hai thoda abhimaan…
pyaare juniors ho jao ab savdhaan!

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Freshers Day Poems

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