Life Changing Inspirational Words

Life changing inspirational words: Perfection is an enemy to self. If you seek perfection, you cannot seek happiness. A happy life can be led with loving yourself for what you are and what you can be by hard work. But overexerting yourself towards something unrealistic like perfection will ruin your happiness and further, your life. You should know and believe that what you have in yourself is enough perfection. Haven’t you heard the story of the crow and the swan? The crow wanted to be as beautiful as the swan and decided to bathe and scrub himself till he became fair. The swan told him that the crow is perfect the way he is. Now what happened is, that the crow began to scrub and scrub and lost his feathers and started bleeding. Ultimately, it led to his death. What we should learn from this story is that being happy with ourselves is the key to life! So be the swan of your life and be wise.

Life changing inspirational words:

Life changing inspirational words

Originally posted 2016-11-22 11:57:25.

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