“My Resolutions for this New Year 2015” Share your Resolution Now-Top 10

Many New Resolutions are made for the upcoming year. We strictly freeze  in our minds to follow them.  May be our last years resolutions are a hit or went in vain but we welcome this year with fresh ideas and ideologies. 

“Love Life Learning” many things in our lives, in our thoughts, in our actions. Just pick up what is needed more or what we need to change, or what we need to learn, what we need to update, what we need to correct in our lives. Kick start this new year with great thoughts and ambitions. Just step in here with your Resolution for this New Year 2015 and Share your ideas and commitments here as a dairy of “My Resolution for this New Year 2015”.

My Resolutions for this New Year 2015


Here are my New Year Resolutions for 2015:


Text people less

Start my own business

Learn something new daily and interesting. One new  thing a day which  is always fun and a value addition too.

 Quit my Addiction of eating CHIPS daily.

Save more money

Learn a new Language

Slow to anger

“My Resolutions for this New Year 2015” Share your Resolution Now-Top 10

What are your resolutions for this New Year?????

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My New Year Resolutions:
Not to get anger
Quick to work
Time management

to learn video editing completly
to grow to high peaks in my work
to touch zeneth of blogging

> Complete 5 books before the year ends.
> need to help 10 kids who are poor
>Spend quality time with family members
> Pray more, be closer to God, be more spiritual

—>Improve self: become more organized, reduce stress
—>Be more involved in charity activities
—>improve health of all the people in the slums
—>Eat well & sleep well