Short Essay On Dad to gift on “Happy Fathers Day” PDF

Hello buddies. Welcome to the wonderful site. Here is the ‘Short Essay On Dad to gift on “Happy Fathers Day” PDF’ for you, if you are in the search of it. Fathers day is celebrated all over the world every year. Last year the celebrations of the fathers day were held on 15th of June. This year it will be celebrated on 21st of June. It is Sunday and everyone will be free and having time for the memorial celebration of the Fathers day. Following paragraphs will give you a short description about Fathers day 2015.

Short Essay On Dad to gift on "Happy Fathers Day" PDF

Father’s Day is usually celebrated on the third Sunday in the month of June. It is celebrated to honor and respect fathers. The dates may vary slightly in other countries.

On this day people buy gifts for their fathers or treat them to special things like a dinner at a fancy restaurant or sponsor a vacation abroad, etc.

Father’s Day was first observed on July 5, 1908, by Dr. Robert Webb of West Virginia at the central Methodist church of Fairmont. Later, a Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd thought of having a similar celebration for her father in 1909, while listening to a Mother’s Day sermon in church. Her father, Henry Jackson Smart, had raised her after her mother died young.

He had made a lot of sacrifices for her sake and she saw him as a brave, selfless, and affectionate man. Wanting to let her father know how special he was to her, she organized a tribute for her father on June 19, 1910, in Spokane, Washington. Her father was born in June.

After many years, Father’s Day became an official holiday. Actually many people were amused by the idea of a Father’s Day though they seemed to have no issue with Mother’s Day. It was even a target of sarcasm, satire and parody.

essay on father on happy fathers day

Local newspapers made fun of it. It might even have disappeared from the national calendar. A Bill was passed in 1913, recognizing the day. Finally in 1924, President Calvin announced that the third Sunday in June would be celebrated as Father’s Day.

People buy roses on Father’s Day, a red one for fathers who are alive and a white one for deceased fathers. Though such days are largely symbolic, many people who have received much affection and support from their parents are enthusiastic about celebrating such days. Like Mother’s Day it has also become much commercialized.

Father’s Day is a day out of the year when kids give their fathers gifts and presents and the one great thing, which is love. Father’s day is only one day, but what about the other 364 days of the year? Do you just sit around and not love your dad? Father’s Day should be every day because fathers give and do a lot to help their kids.

Father’s Day means a lot to me because I can spend a whole 24 hours with my dad! My dad and I might go to the movies, we might play sports, we go to eat, and we might go swimming or even stay at home to watch TV. I am just happy I can spend as much time as possible with my father on this special day.

On the other hand, since my father is the best father in the whole wide world, on Father’s day weekend I go searching for the perfect present. I know my father is going to love whatever I get for him. I have fun every Father’s Day because I get to be with my father.

In conclusion, Father’s Day is the day where I get to spend time and have fun with my dad. My Dad is the best. He’s the reason why Father’s Day is so special for both of us!

The first and the most important person in any family is Father. He works hard and because of his efforts only all other members in the family are able to survive. Fathers have great responsibility of each and every member their family. Right from education up to the settlement of his children’s life, he does a great job of responsible person. The major role of father is to take care of his family and do hard work for them. From childhood, father fulfills your each and every wish. He does a lot of hard work to complete your dream.

Short Essay On Dad to gift on “Happy Fathers Day” PDF

Whenever you demand any big and expensive thing to your father, he gives you a promise to provide it only when you promise to do whatever he wills. You will feel his condition somewhat irritating but that’s the love from a Dad for his children. When you complete his demands then you are awarded with beautiful gifts and presents. Your father loves you a lot and do so many things for you. It’s your time to express your gratitude towards your father. He should be familiar about your love and affection on this day that’s Fathers day.

You should celebrate this day with a great love and affection for him. You should be able to please and impress him well on this auspicious occasion as it comes yearly. It’s your duty to pay back now in the form of love and affection only. Here are some points which you can refer as a method of celebration of the father’s day 2015. You can arrange a big party for him and invite all your friends and relatives on that party. Or you can take him on a long drive and enjoy a picnic. You can give him beautiful surprises and gifts to him. These things must involve your true love and real affection.

Hope that you really liked this article written under the title of ‘Short Essay On Dad to gift on “Happy Fathers Day” PDF’. Stay tuned with us for more information about the fathers day and enjoy the articles present on this blog with your friends and relatives. And don’t miss the golden opportunity to make your father happy and pleasant on that day. Have a lot of fun and entertainment and enjoy the day with your father.

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