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Babies & Children Funny Moments In Videos: Laughing together is a way to connect, and a good sense of humour also can make kids become smart and healthy as it improves the immune function. They are better able to cope with challenges and help the brain to be free of stress. As adults, we learn to censor ourselves whereas children do insanely hilarious things just to amuse themselves. Most of the time children have no idea what they’re doing and they simply don’t care about those activities. They speak and do the dares’ and sometimes they’re technically wrong though still, they can be right on so many levels. However, children who are so funny, they might actually be geniuses. But most of all, a sense of humour is what makes life fun. Babies’ smiles and laughs are so delightful that we often do this intuitively. The results are hilarious. We also find that one humour type doesn’t fit all the age groups. Therefore what’s funny to a toddler won’t be funny to a teen. Different research has shown children with a well-developed sense of are happier and more optimistic and can handle differences of their own and others’ as well.

Babies & Children Funny Moments In Videos

Babies Funny Youtube Videos

Humour at different stages of growth seems varied. Kids can start developing a sense of humour at a very young age. Like for babies they don’t really understand humour, but they do know when you’re smiling and happy. When one makes improper sounds or funny faces and then laugh or smile, the baby will relate to it every time you do this in front of him/her. They can sense your joy and imitate you whenever they want to. On the other hand, toddlers catch physical stimuli quickly with an element of surprises like peek-a-boo or an unexpected tickle. Gradually when their language skills are developed, they find rhymes and nonsense words funny — and this continues into the kindergarten years. And it’s around this time that many kids start trying to make their closed ones laugh. They make their own meaningless words and utter those randomly. These children will intentionally point to the wrong facial feature when asked “Where’s your ear?” or put on your shoes and clomp around the house.

Kids Funny Youtube Videos 

A kindergartener is likely to find a picture with something whacky for e.g. a car with square wheels, a pig wearing sunglasses or some mismatched attributes. The incongruity between pictures and sounds is also funny for this age group like establishing that a cow instead of mooing sounds neigh. At this stage, they become more aware of bodily functions and perceive things with the ‘touch’ more. Preschoolers often start delighting in bathroom humour, playing with water, cosmetics etc.

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The upper kindergarten towards the middle school kids have a better grasp of what words mean and are able to play with them — they like puns, riddles, and other forms of wordplay. For any kind of deviation in behaviour/structure/dress from what they perceive as “normal” forms, they start making fun of those. Also, gross-out jokes related to bodily functions appears catchy.


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The Family That Laughs Together…

A sense of humour can brighten family life. Above all, humour is social. That’s why you laugh harder at a comedy movie when you see it in the theatre with other people laughing around you than all alone on your couch. As kids grow into preteens and teens, they tend to share puns and jokes repeatedly as their sense of what’s funny grows more sophisticated. When the family members especially parents are playful with their children, engulfing in silliness and laughter, they actually help the children grow a playful and humorous attitude about life. It is equally essential along with curriculum to keep up this encouragement to use humour correctly as kids grow into proper adults.

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