57 Perfect Valentines Day Gifts For My New Boyfriend- Best Presents Ideas Cute Good Gift

Hi buddies. Happy Valentines Month Week Day. I love to celebrate the whole month on this great lovely romantic occasion. As I have said I, have so many plans and wonderful ideas for this day. The week before the special day will be really exciting with lots of presents and lovely flowers. The whole month is kind of party month.

57 Perfect Valentines Day Gifts For My New Boyfriend- Best Presents Ideas Cute Good Gift

When I had my first boyfriend I was really excited about the valentines day and thought of many ideas to present him with best gift anyone can ever give him. My mind was filled with selecting a Good Valentines Day Gifts For New Boyfriend. I have asked any friends for advice and has searched in the world of internet for the best ideas for this valentines day. But none gave me a satisfactory answer. As a result I have started exploring different things by myself. If  you believe it or not I have taken a pen and a small scribble book to write my ideas flowing in my mind. That’s it. My pen dint stop till last page of that small book. Then I realized how far I can think of for my HIM.  The list of cute Valentine’s Day Presents For New Boyfriend are really long and I myself was really surprised to see that. This is a way long back story and to share with you that that moment of mine was a real success and HE had taken my hand with him for his entire life and we are a happy couple now.

I wish and hope your story will also be a huge success and now I want to share my “Valentines Day Gifts Ideas For New Boyfriend” with you all just to help you with the small but great time.

  • Take him a on a best Date
  • Give him a nice present.
  • Don’t laugh I will give you ideas for presents.
  • Give him a Wrist Watch. If you don’t want to give him a RING to commit J just give him an alternative of this. That is a nice Watch. Give a formal nice one if he is a professional. Give him a Funky or Sports watch if he is a teenager.

Watches shows that the time you spend with him and the how much importance you give for him at that point of time. And always remember you can give him a boo when ever he comes late at your meetings if you present him a watch on the Valentines Day.

First valentines day First Gift with your boyfriend

  • Gift certificate may sound impersonal, it makes a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift.
  • Funky Head Phones to hear music
  • Memory Card for mobile
  • Music CD it will come across as being caring and sweet. You can make a music CD for your new boyfriend with all the music he likes. Avoid making the CD too romantic, as it may scare off your new boyfriend. However, if your relationship has reached a point where you can be romantic without coming across as pushy, you can include a few romantic songs, such as the first song you danced together on or the first song you both liked.

    Good Valentines Day Present For New Boyfriend

  • Goody Basket

Nearly everyone enjoys treats and goodies and hopefully your new boyfriend is no exception. You can create a goody basket by filling with all the snacks, candies and alcohol your boyfriend enjoys. In fact, if you know your boyfriend’s hobby, you can make a themed goody basket. For instance, if you know your boyfriend is loves baseball, you can have baseball-shaped candies and cookies, a baseball mitt, a baseball, packets of chips and a couple of beer cans.

Valentines Day Gifts For My New Boyfriend

  • Pick up a couple of books “which he likes” to gift your boyfriend. You can gift wrap the books, add a card that does not say ‘I Love You’, but still conveys your feelings.
  • Chocolates
  • Flowers
  • Books
  • tickets to a play or movie
  • dinner
  • Romantic Candlelit Dinner at Home

This is a wonderful way to show your new boyfriend that you enjoy spending time with him and want him to know that he is special. Cook his favourite meal and invite him over. It could be a simple spaghetti and meatballs, steaks or even burgers. Make sure you have his favourite wine (or beer). Light candles to create a romantic ambience and enjoy feasting on the meal together.

Cute Valentines Day Gifts For New Boyfriend

  • Beer Pint Glass
  • Engraved Lighter
  • Personalised Giant Wine Glass
  • Secret box with secret items (you can think about this)
  • Message in a Bottle Gift
  • Magnetic Key Holder and Bottle Opener
  • Couple Pillowcases
  • Valentines Day Gifts For My New Boyfriend

    Valentines Day Gifts For My New Boyfriend

  • 57 Perfect Valentines Day Gifts For My New Boyfriend- Best Presents Ideas Cute Good Gift

Valentines Day Gifts to Avoid For New Boyfriend

Avoid these lists for the first valentines day with your boyfriend
  1. major investments, but express your feelings with simple gifts.
  2. Also avoid any personal items
  3. Cologne
  4. Aftershave
  5. Socks
  6. Clothing

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