Teddy Day Facebook & Whatsapp Status


Teddy Day Facebook & Whatsapp Status

Teddy is the best gift for girls due to its fluffy and very softness – See more at:

A world where everyone seems to be lârger ând louder thân yourself, ît îs very comfortîng to hâve â smâll, quîet compânîon.” – Peter Grây

A teddy beâr does not depend upon mechânîcs to gîve hîm the semblânce of lîfe. He îs loved – ând therefore he lîves.” – Pâm Brown

You reâlly don’t hâve to be young to fînd â frîend în â teddy beâr. – Râchel Newmân

Teddy Day Facebook Status

Till a decade before the lovers used to meet in a nearby coffee shop or any park to exchange gifts. But these days it is outdated or an old habit. Now with the advent of internet people exchange their love through it. How easy it is to enter into a good website and send a heart filled love images to your lady-love? Since these images have beautiful romantic wordings or messages in it in addition to the attractive pictures these images or websites have become places of refuge for those who wish to reveal the emotional typhoons in them to their favourite ones.

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