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Birthday Quotes

Birthday is a very special day for everyone.  It is the day when we step onto this beautiful blue planet to meet our lovely parents, siblings, friends and dear ones to lead a happy life.  Birthdays come yearly once and people celebrate them as per their interest.  The celebrations reach sky high on the occasion of birthdays.  People celebrate the special day in the presence of their dear ones.  Each birthday is a special one as it marks the new year we are gonna enter.  Every birthday deserves to be celebrated in a grand way.

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People do their heart out on their Birthdays.  Birthdays does not signify the passing age, they signify the lessons and experiences we learnt in the past years.  We must learn to celebrate our achievements on our Birthdays.  It marks the Birthday more special and worthy celebrating.  We need to become a better person with each passing birthday.  The resolution is not just meant to be taken for the New Year, but for Birthdays as well.  We can resolute to do better in this particular age.  We have to remember that age is just a number that has no significance at all.  It just goes by.

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Birthday quotes play a key role on Birthdays.  The person who is wishing has also got his/her own importance.  The words used to frame the birthday wishes are considerably important.  The wishes should always be genuine and should be right from the heart, only then the receiving person would be satisfied.  Though Birthdays come every year, each birthday has got its own specialty.  On stepping into a new birthday, we have to count on the blessings and wonderful moments we have had in the past years.  We have to learn to enjoy little moments of life that will become memories tomorrow.

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Everyone deserves a big celebration on their birthdays.  No matter how the celebrations are, the wishes should always be true and heartwarming.  It feels quite good to receive heartfelt wishes from near and dear ones.  Also, it is quite rare to receive birthday wishes that are right from the heart.  The meaning and content of the birthday message also plays a vital role.  Birthdays are considered as a fresh start by many.  It is the time to thank those who have their hands of blessing in our wonderful living.  Birthday Quotes can help a great deal in wishing the friends, dear ones, parents etc in the best way possible.  If you cannot put your feelings into words you can use these Birthday quotes to wish your near and dear ones.

Birthday Quotes for Friends, Parents, and Dear Ones

Birthday is birthday for everyone.  It is a special day and is all about making memories.  Birthdays come every year and most of the people celebrate them grandly without miss.  They are the events that will turn as memories to recollect and feel happy when the time is passed.  If any of your near or dear ones birthday is nearby and you want to send them good birthday wishes or quotes then you can get them from our page.  The wishes as we said prior are quite important for the birthday boy or girl.

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So, we have come up with the best collection of birthday quotes for you.  You can easily copy them from our page and share them with your friends and dear ones on their Birthdays.  You can also add your own message of love to the Birthday quotes.  We have category wise listed out the Birthday quotes i.e., for friends, parents, lover, dear ones, colleagues etc.  So, download them as per your requirement and send them to the birthday boy or girl.


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