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Mothers Day Quotes

“God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers,” this single line can tell us how important a mother is to her children.  She not just carries the little fetus in her body for nine long months, but she actually keeps her child in her eyes until she takes her last breath on the earth.  She is the angel who God sent to us to take good care of us.  Her love can never be measured, we can say that there is no measurement invented yet that will measure the love of a mother.  No matter how a person looks, when it comes to mother, her child is the most beautiful person in the world.  Such eyes were only gifted to a mother.

Her love is unconditional.  Her wishes for her children are heartful.  Her sacrifices are unexplainable.  She is the angelic beauty for her children.  She is the reason behind our growth.  She stands as a soul support for her children in all good and bad times.  She prays for her children and only for her children.  She is a beautiful woman with beautiful heart.  Once again I want to say, there is no creation in this world that can equal a mother or mother’s love.  She is such a gaint at heart.

mothers day quotes images

They say that all love begins and ends in motherhood.  It is so true that no love in the world can be compared with love of a mother for her child.  She is a peacemaker at home.  She is a walking miracle that handles the small world of her family so wonderfully.  She loves her children to her heart’s content and sometimes beyond it.

Mother’s Day

She is a dream catcher for her children who catches all the bad dreams.  Her love is unexplainable.  I would like to once again type down the words that describes the mother’s love; the world of words lack in describing her universe of love, the artwork of sky lacks in depicting her timeless and ageless affection.  She is such a beautiful woman with beautiful heart and soul.  For such beautiful heart with beautiful soul, there is a dire need to have a celebration.  Yeah!  She deserves to have a special day on which she enjoys to her heart’s content like the way she loves her children.  A day needs to be dedicated especially to her on which she enjoys to the core and the day is nothing but Mother’s Day.

This year Mother’s Day falls on 8th of May.  It is the coming Sunday and there are very few days at hand to reach such a holy day.  There is nothing that we, children can do for our mother to pay back what she has done for us, but we can definitely do a little effort that will go a long way in making her smile from depths of the heart.  No matter what we choose to make her feel happy on that special day, she will fall for it, because she is our mother after all.  So, get ready to gift your mother a special day and special memory for life.

Mothers’ Day Quotes

Mother’s day is just within earshot.  There are only 2 days to go for Mother’s Day.  Even though people are busy they make time for their mother’s to make their day the brightest ever.  By the way I am one among them too.  There are huge numbers of ways to make your mother happy and make her feel special on the Mother’s Day.  Even though we cannot pay back all her love, we can someone manage to show a little gratitude on her for her devotion towards us.

Your only intension should be to make your mother happy.  You no need to give her any expensive gifts or take her to any exotic trips to see smile on her face.  All you need to do is just thank her for what she has done and what she is yet to do.  Shower your love on her unconditionally like the way she does on us.  She deserves to be loved more and more.  She deserves to be taken care of more and more.  She needs to be loved more and more.  So to make that happen, we are here today with lovely collection of Mother’s Day quotes.  These quotes will help you convey your love and gratitude to your mother in the best way ever.  Just download them or copy them from our page and send them to your mother on Mother’s Day by adding your own essence of love to it.  She will love it for sure.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in the world!!!  We salute you and love you lots.



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