Whatsapp Funny Videos – Horror Comedy Video 1

Hello friends. Welcome to 123greetngsquotes.com.This article Whatsapp Funny Videos – Horror Comedy Video 1 are to show a wonderful whatsapp comedy video that make you laugh for a while. When I watched this video I have laughed for five minutes where I was sitting. Do you know in which place I was standing at that time my friend jijju had sent me this video message on whatsapp? It is that I am at a bus stop waiting for a bus with lots of frustration as I dint get it even after a long waiting period of 3 hours. This was the situation I have opened my mobile switched on my mobile data and opened my watsapp to check the notifications displayed on my windows mobile J Nokia Lumia 625.Whatsapp Funny Videos - Horror Comedy Video 1

Whatsapp Funny Videos – Horror Comedy Video 1

When I opened the cell I was surprised to see a popup from a friend who is not even in touch for two long weeks.  Can you guess why I have told you two long weeks?? He is my best friend and we are masti batch of our college. When such good friend doesn’t message us on whatsapp for such periods it will be definitely long. I opened the screen lock of my mobile with a smile for him and then watched the whatsapp video standing in the que. I have started losing frustration and started smiling and continued it for 3 minutes as the funny video went on.

Oh that was really a great funny video rite. Thank you jijju for sharing such a rejuvenating whatsapp video and no I am sharing that for my viewers to watch it and enjoy. Smile for 3 minutes and comment in the below comment section how did you feel.

Whatsapp funny videos

Hey!! Did you completely whatched the video? Read this only after completely watching the whatsapp funny video. So I hope you are now done watching this by now. Isn’t it awesome? How funny is it. First I thought it as a horror whatsapp video clip like you. But only after watching the last 3seconds of the video I have realized that it wasn’t horror, in fact it is one of the best comedy whatsapp video I ever saw on my mobile. The girl in this video has given her best and the acting was excellent. She was an amazing actress. The auto uncle has seriously surprised to see this. May be he felt lots of fear at first but later he would have realized how funny it is. “I enjoyed it. You enjoyed it. Share this with your whatsapp contacts to make the people enjoy this lovely whatsapp video. Don’t forget to give a comment if you like this wonderful whatsapp funny video. And please make us known that what language has been with the girl and auto driver in this video.  Thanks for your support.

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