Marriage Love Proposal for Childhood Friend – How 2 Propose

Why two persons fall in attraction and become inseparable is a mystery. Very contrasting personalities may love each other for all the life and very similar partner may fall out of love in a short time. It is the very nature of love that makes it a subject of so much investigation .

Marriage Love Proposal for Childhood Friend – How to Propose Why do two people love each other? Why do we need someone to love? Why cannot we love ourselves and exist alone? And what is that chemistry that a couple loves each other? Why both should love each other, and no body else? Love is truly a mystery.

Love is sublime. Love gives power. Love gives determination. In love, many lovers do what they could never dream of. Empires have been sacrificed for love. Battles have been fought for loveLove has ruled mankind since ages. Those who experience love are truly lucky.

The first reason is of course the passion one feels for the other. Call it hormones, mind, heart, emotions or whatever, one falls in love with another person and cannot live without him/her. Physical beauty is not the sole criteria in romantic passionate love. A very beautiful girl can passionately fall in love with an ordinary looking man to the surprise of all. There is something more that is yet to be explored. Ask a lover about why he/she loves her beloved and you will never get a logical answer. Love does not measure qualities, nor sets any standards. Love happens.

Marriage Love Proposal for Childhood Friend

Sometimes the love arises out of appreciation of qualities of the other. This love is different than romantic love, but can be equally magnetic. You may get attracted to some persons singing so much that you want to be with him/her at all times. It can be any quality, but it is the appreciation of quality that brings forth this love. In this case the love is passionate love with that quality.

In some cases two persons find so many things alike between each other that they believe they are soul mates. Made for each other, these lovers are bound by the common qualities. What ever may be the reason for falling in love, please fall in love because it is incomparable.

Love is the word that makes one go into dreams of bliss and the word that can take one into pain. It all depends, how your love turned out. If you were stabbed in the back, pain will be the result and if you got loyalty, it will be pleasure. When one looks at the scenes of destruction of ones love, when one revisits the places where love had blossomed, below the flowering trees, one goes in to the memories of the lost love. It hurts and it hurts very badly. Similarly the love that enriches us can be invaluable. It gives a new breath, a new life. Love can give life and when lost, life may be lost. Call it addiction to love or whatever, love is a feeling that cannot be described in words. it has to be felt.


How to Propose Childhood Friend for love or Marriage?

Here are few answers from other people: 

Start with “you know right”!!

I did this last year and trust me if she loves you as much as you do and couldn’t express, she would herself know what you are speaking!

You need not even tell I love you if you tell it with that deep connect!

Don’t simply listen to someone. Be yourself dude just express what u feel about her so that u don’t have to lie. It will also be memorable for u as well as her.

Will You Marry Me?

My Heat Beats for You!!!

Let’s dance together at our wedding.

I can’t imagine growing old with anyone else, nor do I want to.

I know you’re the only one I want to share the rest of my life with.

The story of our love is only beginning. Let’s write our own happy ending.

There are many ways to be happy in this life, but all I really need is you. When I look into your eyes, I can see a reflection of the two of us and the life I hope we’ll share together.

I know my life will never be complete without you beside me to share it.

The simplest way is to take her out somewhere for a very unforgettable day, doing the things she loves because women associate emotion to memory and at the end of a beautiful day, tell her how you feel and tell her as simply as possible.

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